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Furniture made from actual whiskey and wine barrels. Resilient statement pieces that will last a lifetime.

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One of a kind hand-made enamel jewelry fit for every occasion, personality, and style.

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I create art to make you feel uplifted, positive and good about yourself and to help inspire you to live your most dream-filled life.

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Sterling Silver Jewelry, all crafted by hand. A great mix of simple, classic styles as well as ornate, statement pieces that are as beautiful as they are memorable.

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Save the Native Bees with a SoloBee Shelter!  Our handmade native bee shelters are for the 20,000 species
of bees that live alone, rarely sting and pollinate our food!

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Specializes in fairly traded, quality, hand embroidered, 100% cotton Mexican apparel in contemporary fabrics and designs.

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Your Eclectic Décor Suppliers
People love World Buyers for our large selection of eclectic décor. We regularly travel abroad to find unique, on-trend gift merchandise, home décor, home goods and more.

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We offer a line of Hemp infused topical products, formulated to effectively meet your skins needs. Our topicals are made with organic, responsibly sourced, cruelty free ingredients that are free of parabens, phalates, artificial dyes and fragrances.

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Urban Industrial Lamps are hand crafted with quality materials. We also love custom design projects and exploring new ideas!

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Artisan, Hand-made Jewelry. At deepfling, we have something for everyone; big, small, delicate, chunky, gold, silver, colorful, you name it.