True Alchemy

One of a kind hand-made enamel jewelry fit for every occasion, personality, and style.

What is True Alchemy:
From concept to creation, True Alchemy seeks to create one of a kind pieces. Using metal blanks, enamel, and images, each piece is individually designed and created, taking about an hour to produce. With imagery ranging from Japanese art to Art Deco, each piece has its own personality. Want to create your own? Read below.

About the Creator:
Susan Wolfe Akers is a local San Diego artist. Having honed in on her craft, Akers has done everything from glass beadwork to wire wrapping, to vintage jewelry restoration. She has found her home doing enamel work. Having
started her jewelry in the heart of New York City, her designs are heavily influenced by both the old and new. While she loves her jewelry, her most prized creations will always be her two children, Alex and Emily.

About the Process:
Each piece uses a copper or fine silver base. Enamel, a colored powdered glass, is then sifted onto the metal blank and heated in a very hot oven called a kiln. Once the enamel has cooled, I will add an image overlay called a decal. The decals are edited using Photoshop in order to add a high contrast. They are then printed onto a special paper using a laser printer. Similar to a temporary tattoo, the decal slips off of the paper and is transferred onto the enameled base. This is put back into the kiln where the high temperatures permanently fuse the image onto the surface creating the final piece. Some pieces have added colors requiring an additional hand painting process using special enamels and paints which added over the fired decal.

Interested in using your own images? Your images can be used if the image is a high quality black and white image or can be Photoshopped. Copyrighted images cannot be used. Costs may vary between $100-$200 and take 4 to 6
weeks. For more information, please call 917-359-7759.