About Susan Boerner


I consider myself a conceptual / pop-artist of NOW who is reflecting our crazy world. Spirituality and communication are a huge element in my art as well as my social consciousness. I am Inspired by the genius of others who have left us lots to ponder.

Reflections of wisdom to help guide us through our upside down world…..I believe that we are all inspired by a higher power. My messages are mostly hopeful, sometimes thought provoking, and sometimes funny, making you THINK! As far as making my art, NOTHING is off limits. I use multi textures and crazy objects to create FUN CAMPY ART. My message is one of HOPE. Although it may not seem that way, LIFE is the same journey for us all . We all can work at changing the world as we know it and making it better. Conveying the messages of my work is my goal . Having a strong voice through ART.