Susan Ellen Love Artist

From the age of six, when Susan Ellen Love had one of her paintings placed in the permanent Lever House Collection in New York City, her world has revolved around her art.

Vive la France by Susan Ellen Love, Assemblage, 22 x 27

Since then, she has studied, taught, and created art in many different media including graphic, residential, and commercial design; faux and decorative painting; mixed-media assemblages; mosaics; and photography of all sorts, including digital collages.  Professionally, she has over forty years of art and design experience.

Personal Histories

Susan’s Rare Bird Art studio is located in a beautiful city by the sea; Carlsbad, CA, where she lives with her husband, Bob Mitchell, a novelist and sports fanatic. In it, she runs a business that features her uniquely conceived and executed artistic creations: digital photographic collages, assemblages, mosaics, infant apparel, photographic greeting cards and stationery, recycled canvas bags, upcycled clothing, unique rhinestone eyewear, and “suncatchers.”  Her daughter, Elissa, son-in-law, Dan and grand babies Lila and Emmy, live up the coast in Oak Park, CA, with Fiona (a beagle), Leezl (a bichon/yorkshire terrier mix), and Buckwheat and Neener (their two cats).


Her travels to France, The Netherlands, Spain, and Italy have greatly influenced her art. She has turned hundreds of photos taken throughout Europe into imaginative works of art, and her mosaics are strongly influenced by the work of the great Spanish artist and architect, Antoni Gaudì. Susan has exhibited her art in numerous shows throughout Southern California, including the Malibu Art Festival, Affair in the Gardens, Tommy Tang’s, Stanley’s, the Pacific Design Center Art Show, and Art from the Ashes.  She has also created “personal history” assemblages for prominent people and organizations, including Paul Orfalea (founder of Kinko’s), Neil Diamond’s music publisher, the Laguna Blanca School in Santa Barbara, CA, and Opera Santa Barbara.