There’s more behind San Diego-based CRAFT CORN than locally-inspired flavors, unique packaging and great tasting popcorn. It’s backed by hometown entrepreneurs Lauren and Tom McMullen who, together with their three crafty kids and one totally-perfect standard poodle, created Craft Corn in 2017, selling freshly-popped popcorn out of their kitschy beach stand in Solana Beach every weekend.

     The family always lived a healthy California lifestyle–avocado toast before it was cool, outdoor cooking with fresh local ingredients, and time spent on the beach. But they wondered, how could they capture their passion for SoCal life in a bottle–or in a bag–and share it with others? Building on backgrounds in business and a love of great food, they landed on CRAFT CORN. Deliciously-fresh, gargantuan-sized gourmet kernels flavored with the unique sights and sounds that surround them…


Watermelon Pineapple Tajín

Watermelon Pineapple Tajín
Truly a unique flavor profile. This popcorn blends the sweetness of watermelon and pineapple with the chili lime spice known as Tajín. It’s magic and you must try it!



Buffalo Ranch



If you have ever had a churro, you understand. If you haven’t, this flavor is a sweet blend of sugar and cinnamon….one of our top sellers!



Caramel Cheddar