Sylvia Melson has been a proud vendor at Lotus since we opened our doors! She has the widest selection of hats that you can find on Cedros and her top notch customer service skills ensure that she can get you almost any hat you can imagine! She has had so much success here at Lotus that she inspired her daughter to open a booth beside her, known as Kumi!

Sylvia has been selling hats on Cedros since 1994, back then in a similar kind of collective across the street called Cedros Trading Company. She has had her spot in Lotus since 1999— Krystyanna has been with her in the store since she was just three months old.
A Los Angeles native, Sylvia got her start working as a hairdresser when she was 17, occasionally designing hats and headpieces for her clients. She learned a lot from her grandmother, a milliner who always had fabrics draped around her house and hats aplenty.

At 37, Sylvia decided to go into retail and had a vision of a store where a collection of artists all sold their own items. She stumbled onto Cedros Avenue when she was picking up a friend from the train station and considers it fate she found the trading company.

Over 20 years she has built a following, particularly for her one-of-a-kind specialty racetrack hats. She tries to have all kinds of hats no matter the season—even though she is in sunny Solana Beach, she knows people travel so she always makes sure to have cozy warm hats in stock as well.